Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Xeffects new additions...

Been busy for the last few days, so haven't posted.

Here's a brief update on what's new in the xeffects overlay for KDE:

1) Taskbar - Compiz : This is a drop in replacement for the Kicker taskbar applet that attempts to play nice with compositing WM's (like beryl and compiz).

2) Kde Autostart manager : Ever wonder how to tell an app to start automatically from a default or new KDE session (other than saving the session)? This little gem provides a front end to your .~/.kde/Autostart folder and allows you to add apps from your K-Menu to Autostart.

3) KIO Resouces : Added a new KDE IO Slave which allows you to type a URL like resources:/ to access configs, wallpapers, etc., and not having to remember that these could be stored local to your user, or system-wide. For example, resources:/wallpapers will show all wallpapers available. You can add new ones and it will save to your local .kde dir.

Anyway, for additional info, please read the full posts on the xeffects forums under KDE/Kickoff.