Friday, March 2, 2007

Drop Shadows with Kickoff menu

I'm testing out the drop shadow patch for kickoff menu used by kicker. The patch is against kdelibs to allow kicker to display a drop shadow around the kickoff menu.

Currently, kicker has this drop shadow coded into the UI but it doesn't display as I never applied the patch against kdelibs. This is not a problem, and the only side effect is that the menu doesn't have any visible border to differentiate it from a white background, which make it look odd.

So, I just tested the patch against kdelibs, and it looks great. The main issue now is integration. This drop shadow should be able to be turned on/off via the Menu drop shadow setting in kcontrol under Appearance & Themes/Style/Effects. Currently this is not the case.

Why is this important? First of all, is should be integrated for consistancy. If you disable menu shadows (e.g. due to low system resources), then this effect should be global. Secondly, this does not play nice with Beryl when you have shadows enabled in Beryl and also have enabled Menu Drop Shadows (which this patch does for Kickoff menu).

The current solution for Beryl users (in general) is to disable the KDE Menu drop shadows if you have enabled shadows in Beryl. However, the patch to kdelibs, as it stands, does not allow you to disable the drop shadow around the kickoff.

So, expect in the next few days for me to release an updated kdelibs build which enables drop shadows. Hopefully, I can get the whole enable/disable via Menu drop shadows figured out so that it works both for Beryl users and non-beryl users alike.

Please see my post on xeffects located here for additional info.