Friday, October 31, 2008

Upcoming KDE 4.1.3 release.... Nov 5th

Well, the Kubuntu team has had a busy night/day, packaging KDE 4.1.3 in preparation for release into intrepid-updates. KDE tagged 4.1.3 on October 29th, in preparation for the November 5th release. I'm pleased to say we are way ahead of the game, after the last 24 hour stint in package building and testing.

It's not like we had an easy time either, what with this coinciding with the Intrepid release and all. The mirrors were completely bogged down, and a few of the team had issues finding a mirror suitable to download from. Luckily, I had a great up-link and a close east coast mirror to work with.

Anyway, the packaging is pretty much completed, we just need to build the stack, test and then deploy to the updates queue. This should coincide with the KDE release date of November 5th, if all goes according to plan. It's a lot to take in, a new Kubuntu release immediately followed by an update to KDE, and a great team to pull it all together.