Thursday, July 30, 2009

Fishing Trip...

So, taking a break from my Ubuntu development, I decided to go on a fishing trip with a friend of mine.

We went to a truely remote community in Newfoundland called Rencontre East. It's only accessible by Ferry, and it's a 3 hour car ride to get to the Ferry. It's an outport fishing town with a population of about 170 according to 2006 statistics, though I believe more recent numbers would put it closer to 120. Primary industry is the fishery - Cod, Caplin, Lobster, and Crab.

Wharves along the Harbour

It is an absolutely beautiful place to visit. The mountains and valley were forged by a glacier, and there is a fiord (lake) nestled between the mountains, which is 600 feet deep. The lake is home to sea trout and salmon, and possibly other species. Our desitination was to a small cabin at the far end of the lake, and required us to take a boat from the coastal side of the lake to its head.

Heading up the lake

We fished along the way, using a locally made spinner called a spoon spinner. It seems to be the only thing that works in this lake, for the majority of the fishing done here. We managed to catch 13 trout that afternoon, before finally setting foot on the far shore and the beach in front of our cabin.

Cabins on the beach

The next day, we had trout for breakfast, and they were quite a treat. There is nothing better than enjoying the fruits of your labor. After breakfast, we got geared up for a trek around the lake by foot. We have to cross two shallow rivers, as we trek to the left of the cabin, and around the lake. It's rough going, as the shoreline is peppered with fallen rocks and boulders from the sheer rock faces above. As well, there are many natual springs and spectacular waterfalls.

One of the many waterfalls

We fish along the coast for about 4 hours and it starts to rain. My friend is a short distance ahead of me, at what the locals call Duffy's point, while I have sought out the protection of a small overhang of rock, where I make a dry place to sit and have a snack while the rain falls effrortlessly on the lake. My friend makes his way back to my semi-dry shelter, and we enjoy a drink and some home made trail mix. We discuss my inability to land any trout today, and his many catch and releases and the 3 keepers he has so far. I am feeling a bit dismayed to say the least.

Not a Keeper, but funny none-the-less

After the rain let's up, we decide to turn back for the day, and fish our way back to the cabin. Part way back, I stop at a spot where I know there should be some good fishing. Since I'm not having any luck with the spinner, and I' tried every lure I have, I decide to try a plain old bobber and worm. The locals warned me that this never works and you can't catch anything without a spoon spinner here. So far, that seemed to be the case, but I was real desperate to not be shown up.

So, I set up my line and cast. No sooner than the line hit the water and I had a strike and lose it. Followed by several others, that I cannot land. My friend sees that I am now sitting on a rock and not following him back. I motion him to wait or come back, which he does the latter. By the time he get's back to me, I have landed my first keeper for the day. It's not huge, but it will do. We stay a bit longer and eventually I catch another worth keeping. So, you can catch by bobber here.. wish I had tried this earlier today.

Eventually, we get moving again, and after a total of 6 hours walking and fishing, we are back at the cabin. We set a fire and prepare a meal of chicken and some bottled moose. We play some cribbage, anbd have a few drinks before finally retiring for the night.

The next day, we plan to fish for the morning and then we will boat back to the other end of the lake and back to town. We had an offer to go out on the ocean and jig for Cod fish, and we are quite looking forward to this. The mornings fishing was uneventful, and my friend managed to land one trout, while my line lay bare. At least we had Cod jigging to look forward to.

While we never caught many trout, the trip was amazing. Anyone looking to get a real outport experience, simply must travel to Rencontre East. The people are super friendly, and the scenery is awe inspiring.


  1. Torturing little fish. Great hobby!

    I really wish somebody will put hooks in your food.

  2. What a lovely fishing report, you've really given us a feel for how delightful (& bountiful!) the area is - it's enough to make us want to hop on a plane & head over right now ;0).

  3. Tom,

    I have to assume one of two things:
    a) you were just kidding
    b) you are a vegetarian/vegan

    If a) excellent else if b) I'm a meatatarian

  4. SMB tech geeks,

    I cannot convey in words or pictures. It's something one really does have to see in person.

    In fact, Newfoundland has many wonderful places to see. Not many know, but Newfoundland (nick-named 'the Rock') was formed by an overturned techtonic plate. There are many interesting rock formations, lakes, rivers, etc. You should check out the link in the post (as you can well imagine I am a proud and boastful Newfoundlander) :)

  5. Rightly proud Roderick, rightly proud!

  6. C) I think it is sick to torture little fish as a hobby.

    But torture is big nowadays, so maybe I shouldn't wonder.

  7. I see Tom has volunteered to be the BIG Game :)

  8. Tom, Take your 2 cents and go invest it. Maybe in soy futures.