Friday, February 16, 2007

Beryl, AIGLX and Intel...

I am amazed everyday at the work being done on Beryl. I started back last summer, working with a couple of people trying to get Xgl and compiz working under Gentoo. We spent long hours making packages, install scripts, etc., just to make it run.

Back then, there we a couple of basic plugins like cube, wobbly windows, and basic window decorations. Today, there are a plethora of plugins included with Beryl, and more being developed everyday.

Of course, Beryl is a fork of Compiz, and for Gentoo, a couple of us maintain an overlay called Xeffects which has Beryl among other things.

For me, I have an Acer 9412 Laptop with an Intel 945GME, and I can tell you, that everything is sweet. Now, even the water plugin (which was previously not working on Intel) works wonderful.