Thursday, February 15, 2007

Kcontrol updates for Kickoff...

I am sure the SUSE guys are crazy busy adding Kickoff support to the Kcontrol module. I haven't had a chance to really dig through their branch and do any amount of diff's on the kcontrol program, and probably should...

Anyway, I decided to try my hand at coding some changes myself into Kcontrol, seeing as I haven't programmed that much in KDE (other than applying patches from others).

There are a couple of hidden options with the new Kickoff menu, and are presently only able to be changed via a text editor (you modify your personal kickerrc file from your .kde3.5 directory).

My plan is to integrate these options into Kcontrol and make it easy for anyone to make these changes via a GUI.

Here are the options:
ScrollFlipViewdisables the scrolling in the application browser
KickoffFontPointSizeOffsettakes positive and negative values and is added to the calculated font sizes, relative to your system font size
KickoffSwitchTabsOnHoverrequires a click to switch the tabs
KickoffTabBarFormatUsed to alter the Menu Tab appearance. Valid values are LabelAndIcon, LabelOnly and IconOnly.

Thus far, I have implemented ScrollFlipView and KickoffSwitchTabsOnHover.

I hope to add the remaining options in the next couple of days. Perhaps in that time I may try and take a diff of the SUSE kcontrol updates and see if they have made any other significant changes I could incorporate, rather than duplicate the effort altogether.