Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Gentoo KDE gets a new menu...

SUSE has been working on a new menu replacement for the KDE kicker, to replace the old K Menu. This branch is called kickoff, and integrates a search bar right in the menu. There are also lot's of other interesting features, and it looks like an exciting time for KDE development and definately a better time for the end user's overall desktop experience.

So, since this work has not yet made it into the main KDE repositories, many Linux distro's are beginning to make patches from the SUSE branch, and build their own packages.

Well, I'm not one to be left behind, so off I went looking for the required patches and built kickoff for Gentoo. Once I had this working locally, I threw together the package and added it to the xeffects overlay.

I must say, this patch looks rather nice.