Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Updates for Kickoff...

I have been getting some requests for changes to kickoff from the Gentoo, Xeffects team and users.

Here are a couple of the highlights:

  • Make the applications menu update on hover

  • The Menu should be dockable

  • Add in translations

As well, there are things I would like to implement like themable menu (it's easy to change the icons/images, but I'd like a nice theme engine integrated into kcontrol).

Also, there are some specific defines for KDELIBS_SUSE that I think I could enable .. just gotta reasearch more.

Oh, and I want to get the latest snapshot patch from the KDE tree for SUSE kickoff (ver 640621 at this time).

So, number one on my list is update to latest snapshot... currently in progress. THe second will be to implement the hover function for the applications menu. Both are fairly easy.

To make the menu dockable... not sure about that one. Will need some research. And the translations... I may be able to hack my way through this, but I wouldn't hold my breath - yet. I'm still fairly green with hacking KDE.