Monday, August 27, 2007

Xeffects cleanup and some Portage news...

Well, two exciting things happening in the Xeffects overlay for Gentoo; a) Lot's of QA clean-up to make things better for the end user and b) a proposal by the Xeffects admins and some Gentoo developers to make a new Desktop Effects Herd.

What does this mean? Well, once the clean-up is done, we will be looking at moving some apps from Xeffects into regular portage and maintaining them officially. Finally, Gentoo will have some official bleeding edge support for things like Compiz-Fusion, that any user can test spin without having to use layman or setup a cumbersome overlay via svn or something similar.

A wider audience will also mean more bugs will be revealed and hopefully we can get them fixed upstream quickly. This will help make the entire experience better for all.

I'll follow-up when I have more news on this.