Wednesday, November 26, 2008

My recent development work... aka training excercise

I recently began to dabble with Python, and I am really starting to like the language. It is quite powerful, and intuitive, and allows for some really rapid development, especially when coupled with pyKDE4 (KDE Python bindings).

I was originally trained as a programmer, primarily using C/C++. However, in more recent years, I have been mostly programming in bash and perl, all under work related coding.

With my recent involvement with Kubuntu, I have felt it necessary to learn python, as many of its support applications are written in that language. So, what better way to learn than jump right into a new project. That's where todays post comes from...

I have recently submitted two new projects to Launchpad, with the following two goals:

1. teach myself python and pyKDE
2. hopefully fill a gap within Kubuntu in time for Jaunty

At this point in time, the projects are mere shells/placeholders, and really do not do anything useful besides provide a tray icon and a main window and help dialog. However, this is all a part of the learning process, and more code will appear as I test out various things.

So, what are these two projects? Well, the first is ufw-kde, a graphical interface to the Uncomplicated Firewall. The second is clamav-kde, a replacement for Klamav, which has yet to be ported to KDE4.

Anyway, my primary goal is learning python and kde programming via the python bindings. If these do indeed turn out to be useful in their own right, then that's awesome too.

If anyone is interested in help out on either project, feel free to contact me.