Monday, September 28, 2009

Switching from Acer to Dell...

I have been a long time supporter of Acer, and have 4 Acer systems. However, due to recent issues in dealing with their technical support (helpless desk) I have given up on Acer and instead switched to Dell.

Dell has embraced Linux, and especially with partners like Canonical pushing for more preinstalled Ubuntu systems from Dell, I can only imagine Dell doing bigger and grander things with Linux and Ubuntu.

Given that, I have decided to switch to Dell and throw my support behind them. I have also just today ordered two brand new netbooks from Dell, and will be selling my old Acers.

It's important I believe to start and support vendors who are truly cogniscent of Linux and are willing to work with developers to ensure their systems work well with Linux. Dell is going down the correct path, so here's my thumbs up Dell and Great Job.

And good-bye Acer, it was fun while it lasted.


  1. Poulsbo support? Way to half ass it dell.

  2. Well, that was an Intel problem and not a Dell problem. Intel outsourced the 500 driver and ended up with proprietary bits in the driver. Unfortunately, Intel has said it will not support this going forward, and has nothing to do with Dell!

    As well, the Mini 10v uses the 950, which is what I purchased.

    Dell has done it correct, and Intel dropped the ball on the 500 driver.

  3. I have a dell mini 10v and I'm currently running the Linux mint 7 (main edition).

    I'm curious to know what OS you plan on installing on the 10v?

  4. We had a horrible experience ordering from Dell... Not sure what their post order support is like because we ended up canceling our order.

    I'm getting the kids netbooks for xmas, was thinking of Dell but I may not be able to get approval past the CEO. ;)

  5. @ Maxwell: I ordered via Dell Canada and ordered the Ubuntu version, though since I dev for Kubuntu, I'll likely add either the kubuntu netbook or kubuntu desktop meta package to it instead of using the Ubuntu/Gnome desktop.

    @Dave: Was this Dell Canada or Dell US? I had no issues using the Dell Canada Web Site to order the systems. It was quite painless for me.

  6. I would love to support Dell and buy a computer with Ubuntu -- unfortunately in the UK they currently only offer the mini and not any proper laptops or desktops.

  7. Dell Canada... Problem was we wanted to ship it to a PO Box (because it was around the bay) but they wouldn't do it. So we asked to get it shipped to an address in town and where it could be picked up. The took the order, charged the credit card but wouldn't deliver it because the address wasn't that of the CC owner. They wouldn't deliver it to the owner because it was a PO Box.

    In the end it took 6 weeks to get our money back.

  8. Yeah Dave, I saw on their web site that they do not sip to PO Boxes. Unfortunately for many places in Canada PO Box or Rural Routes still exist.

    I guess they still need some work there.

    I just ordered mine and had them ship to my Office. I never got any issue or complaint online about having the Ship To address different from the Billing Address... so time will tell I guess :) Maybe they fixed that glitch.

  9. I have nice Linux experience and support experience with Dell and with ASUS. Don't forget the company that really brought Linux to the mainstream attention with the EEEPC.

  10. I've never owned a Dell machine, but I can say that Acer indeed has THE worst computer help desk support I have EVER seen. I had to send my laptop in to get the screen fixed (it was shaking really weird) and they replaced everything EXCEPT the screen (mobo, cpu, gfx). When I got it back, the screen was fine, but hey had DOWNGRADED my video card (from a 1GB card to a 512MB one). Took me a week to get them to give me back my graphics card.

  11. Just be careful what kind of Dell laptop you are choosing. I just bought a Dell XPS M1210. It was ok and everything but a little power hog whenever i use it.

  12. I am about ready to switch over as well. I have loved my Acer products but DON'T EVER TRY TO TO EMAIL OR PHONE SUPPORT! You get the runaround, the emails DO NOT answer your question. And all I needed was a replacement Acer Upgrade DVD which cracked while putting it in the DVD holder. It must have been faulty as I have handled hundreds of DVD's and CD's and NEVER had one crack unless I was trying to kill it. I still love my notebook but when it is done, GOODBYE ACER!