Monday, September 28, 2009

Switching from Acer to Dell...

I have been a long time supporter of Acer, and have 4 Acer systems. However, due to recent issues in dealing with their technical support (helpless desk) I have given up on Acer and instead switched to Dell.

Dell has embraced Linux, and especially with partners like Canonical pushing for more preinstalled Ubuntu systems from Dell, I can only imagine Dell doing bigger and grander things with Linux and Ubuntu.

Given that, I have decided to switch to Dell and throw my support behind them. I have also just today ordered two brand new netbooks from Dell, and will be selling my old Acers.

It's important I believe to start and support vendors who are truly cogniscent of Linux and are willing to work with developers to ensure their systems work well with Linux. Dell is going down the correct path, so here's my thumbs up Dell and Great Job.

And good-bye Acer, it was fun while it lasted.