Monday, October 5, 2009

Arora 0.10 in Kubuntu 9.10

For anyone looking to try out a lightweight browser under KDE (or even Gnome for that matter), they should definately give Arora a test run.

For the upcoming Karmic Koala release, we have worked very closely with the upstream Arora developers to ensure we have a nicely integrated browser, which can serve as an alternative to the default system browser.

For example, in this release, we see AdBlock support as well as wallet (password/form autofill) support. This was missing in the 0.9 and earlier series, and was definately a feature I missed when testing out this, otherwise, fantastic browser.

Now that it has the wallet and AdBlock features, I can heartily recommend that everyone give it a serious try. If you find the default system browser doesn't work on some of your favorite sites or you find Firefox to be a bit bloated, then you will surely love Arora.

Check out for details on downloading the new Karmic Koala beta or if you already have the beta running, simply install Arora in Add/Remove software.

To find out more about Arora, please see