Monday, June 15, 2009

usb-creator-kde... for karmic

So, during UDS, the Kubuntu team decided it would be nice to work on making Kubuntu easier to install on netbooks.

The are several things that need to be adjusted to make the netbook experience enjoyable, but the first real thing required is a native client for putting a Kubuntu desktop image into a usb stick.

There already exists a PyGtk front-end, but no PyKDE one. At UDS I decided to take on the task of porting the existing PyGTK client to PyKDE.

At this point, I have ported much of the required code base to support a native client for Kubuntu. There are still some bugs to fix, and some of the new code for the PyGTK front-end does not yet work 100%, and hence neither does the PyKDE front-end.

If anyone is interested in looking at the code and feels like offering advice, it can be found here:

To check out the code: bzr branch lp:usb-creator

Anyway, I am working closely with the usb-creator team, and hope to get this working/completed within the next couple of weeks.

Thanks to all who have helped thus far.